Chemotherapy is a coming!

Hurrah!  Hallejulah!  Let us all rejoice as chemotherapy is a coming.

On the one hand, we are extremely excited as my mum's appointment for chemotherapy has arrived. She will have the first of 6 cycles of Carboplatin and Paclitaxel via intravenous drip and a trial drug starting next week.  When the Consultant first said she had Ovarian Cancer, she wanted to start chemotherapy then and there.  Kill the disease within her.  She was healthy, strong and ready to fight. Instead, we've had to wait for an appointment.  See blog called Waiting and virtually hear my humph!

On the other hand, at the moment she is strong.  Once chemo starts, she will be tired and I will be constantly on edge.  I'm preparing to be constantly at her "beck and call".  To always have someone at home should she need someone to take her to hospital on the day.

Being a carer is a full time job.  I also have an actual full time job.
Being a carer is constantly feeling guilty.

So chemo starts in 1 week.  I will definitely be writing about it in some way as I want to let cancer sufferers and carers know what to expect.

Wish us luck.

M x


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