Healthy eating

Since my mum was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer, I've been doing a lot of research into healthy eating and here are some basic principles I want to commit to:

  1. Reduce salt intake if not eradicate entirely.  Luckily for my mum and I, we have never been people that overly season our food and prefer fresh ingredients with limited flavourings added. Which is ironic since my mum and dad used to own a Chinese takeaway.  The food which Chinese people actually eat day-to-day is nothing like a Chinese takeaway and is actually a lot more healthy.
  2. Reduce sugar intake.  My mum does not have a sweet tooth per say but does have a weakness for biscuits.  I'm going to try and substitute this for rice cakes and Belvita biscuits.  
  3. Increase calories.  In preparation for chemotherapy, I want to find healthy, nutritious snacks that she can eat between meals as Ovarian Cancer makes the sufferer feel like they are full after just a few mouthfuls.
  4. Increase water intake.  As an elderly woman who as a result of Ovarian Cancer, has been relieving herself often, increasing her water intake is a psychological obstacle more than anything.  Again, the goal is a minimum of 2 litres a day, little and often and we've found that she will drink more during the day than in the evening.  

I want to add a few blogs about healthy eating and in particular how to cook healthy Chinese meals as opposed to the over-seasoned, msg heavy Chinese takeaways that most people are accustomed to. The Chinese diet is actually very healthy.  Let me know if that would interest you by liking this page and I will share some of the secrets of Chinese cuisine.

M x


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