My poetry story

In my first blog, I spoke about how I used to write poetry but stopped when my dad passed away.
Click here to read that first blog.  Since then, I have written a few pieces but nothing like how I used to write.  Back then, writing poetry and short stories was me.  I found inspiration in the tiniest things, events, people and moments.  But those were different times.  I was a student, so free the majority of the time.  But most importantly, there were no smartphones, tablets, distractions.....  We didn't even have internet at home.  My parents weren't convinced.  I had the luxury of time to sit and think whereas now, I do housework, I take my mum out for walks, I food shop.  So I want to add my poetry to this blog.  Partly to encourage me to write again which I find therapeutic.  There is a certain amount of triumph, pride in writing a poem that I am pleased about.  But also, this blog is about me and poetry is always how I have expressed my feelings.

Let me know if you also write poetry as I would be interested to read it.

M x


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