Chemotherapy Diary - Cycle #4: Day 8

During the week, I generally split my time in the following manner:

As you can see, 5% of my time in the week is spent on something that I enjoy, blogging.  Blogging is something that I look forward to doing as I get to write which is something that I love to do and let my creative juices start flowing.  I'd love to do it much more, spend my time researching other blogs, make my pictures look fantastic but I currently spend as much time as the week allows me to on the blog.  It's also a great way for me to de-stress by sharing the emotions of my mum's cancer journey.  Something else I love is the outdoors and taking photos - somthing I've not had much occasion to do over the last 6 months.  So whilst I was in London, I indulged myself and spent an hour during my lunch break walking around a part of London I'm not familiar with and taking photos.  In previous years, I've had a day trip to London at least once a year to just walk around and see different things.  I've not been able to do that this year so this was my chance.  I grabbed a hotdog from an overly priced snack van and walked along the Thames. 

Tower Bridge

The meeting venue was right next to Tower Bridge so I was able to walk very close, find a bench, sit down, eat my hotdog and people watch.  One of my favourite things to do.  Up close, Tower Bridge is an amazing structure and it's fascinating to think of how many people have walked over that structure since it was built over 120 years ago.  

The Shard

I carried on walking along the river and stumbled upon The Shard.  I don't know how I could have missed it since it stands over 310 metres tall and is incredibly striking with its distinctive pointed shape set along the backdrop of London's skyline.  I remembered a friend telling me some time ago that they had tickets on their birthday to experience the 360 degree views of London at the top of The Shard.  That conversation seemed like a million years ago right then.  I had to go back to the office at that point as my lunch break was soon over but I was glad that I had taken the opportunity to come outside for a walk.  As I said, the venue was close to Tower Bridge, in fact, it was at St. Katherine's dock and this was the view from the window.  

St. Katherine's Dock

Amazing!  It was a good thing that I had my back to the window as I wouldn't have been able to concentrate what with daydreaming about sailing away from my problems on a beautiful yacht out into the sunset.  I felt extremely blessed to have been able to witness such a beautiful view.  Halfway through the afternoon I got a message from my sister.  Great news!  My mum was being discharged from hospital so I would be rushing home to see my mum at home.  I was so glad to hear that she was feeling much better and that we would be able to spend the weekend at home. 



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