Shortlisted Carer Blogger Of the Year - Health Unlocked

What fantastic news!  I've been nominated and shortlisted for Carer blogger of the year within the Health Unlocked 2017 Health Blogger Awards.  Completely unexpected and extremely delighted to be recognised for something that I enjoy doing anyway.  I started my blog when my mum was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and I wanted to document our journey to tell other people how cancer affects people's lives and to share our experiences' with others.  My blog is an emotional outlet and the community that I have found on social media through the blog has been inspiring and to be honest, gives me a decent distraction from the daily trials and tribulations that caring for someone with a terminal illness brings.

In comparision to the other blogs in my category, my blog is quite immature but I'm just grateful to be able to spread the message and raise awareness of ovarian cancer further.  So I'd appreciate it if you could vote for my blog here. It should only take few seconds and you don't have to enter any details, just do a few clicks and I'd be thrilled as the only thing I've ever won was a box of Ferrero Rocher in a lucky dip when I was 11!



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