Chemotherapy Diary - Cycle #4: Day 17

Note to readers: I am painfully aware that I am late uploading my mum's chemotherapy cycle #4 daily diary.  A commitment to post everyday has become a commitment to document everyday of my mum's treatment during cycle #4 but I've not managed to upload it on a daily basis.  It is upsetting the flow I had in mind but forgive me, it's the best I can do.  I have documented the events on a daily basis by hand (a true diary actually!) but not managed to upload it consistently.  My life as a carer takes priority, my work and career second and raising awareness of ovarian cancer, something I do in my spare time.  

Day #17 in the cycle of my mum's chemotherapy treatment is a time when she has more energy, independence and we begin to get our life back again before the onslaught of another round of chemotherapy.  
My mum's favourite English dish, has always been fish and chips.  She loves nothing more than a lovely piece of cod, freshly battered and fried, with chips.  It's her favourite treat when we go out for dinner.  So on Sundays, when I have a little more time available, I like to make her fish and chips.  "No" she gasped, when I told her "I can't eat that" and I knew that would be her reaction so I had already come up with a healthy version of fish and chips which she could no doubt comfortably eat without feeling the repercussions and enjoy.A week ago, I stupidly bought a pre cooked fish and chips ready meal from Marks and Spencer as I rushed in to get some groceries.  Faced with this meal, I knew that my mum would not want it and it was selfish to eat her favourite meal in front of her when she couldn't indulge in it herself.  So my plan was to supplement it with an alternative.  Chips are easy to make healthy as it's a popular food that has tackled many, many times before.  Instead of using potatoes, I used sweet potatoes as we had baked sweet potatoes at an event a few months ago and she loved it.  The sweetness would also give it an extra flavour to make her think she won't be missing out.  For the fish, I chose salmon.  As an oily fish, it is a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids which is good for your health.  Aswell as a source of vitamin D, protein, vitamin B12 (which many cancer patients lack) and selenium.  Oily fish are said to help prevent cardiovascular disease, prostate cancer, age related vision loss and dementia.  I like to simply steam it and retain all those brilliant nutrients.  Sometimes, fish though, can have a  very fishy taste that is not appetising. In Chinese cooking, we add ginger to take away that fishy taste, in Chinese we use ginger to counteract it, the ying to its yang so to speak.  As a salmon fillet is quite small, I also made some quinoa to go with the healthy fish and chips.  Since starting treatment, my mum has lost a lot of weight so any opportunity I get to bulk her up, I do so.  Quinoa is a good source of protein, calcium, magnesium and B vitamins.  But there's a problem.  I didn't know how to cook it to begin with.  If you've ever cooked quinoa, you'll know the grains have a very bitter, foul smelling taste.  But I have finally cracked the art of cooking quinoa.  I cook quinoa, like I cook fish.  I will share my secret to cooking quinoa in a subsequent blog post but note that as a result of my secret ingredient, my mum an I love eating quinoa.  It may not be a traditional accompaniment to fish and chips like mushy peas but it tastes flippin' great, has lots of nutritional value and definitely makes me envious of my mum's fish and chips.  So much so, you will see in the photo below that I stole some of her quinoa for my plate!!

Recipes to come soon.


Salmon, sweet potato wedges and quinoa

Marks and Spencer Ready meal fish and chips

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