Chemotherapy Diary - Cycle #4: Day 19 - 23

Note to readers: I am painfully aware that I am late uploading my mum's chemotherapy cycle #4 daily diary.  A commitment to post everyday has become a commitment to document everyday of my mum's treatment during cycle #4 but I've not managed to upload it on a daily basis.  It is upsetting the flow I had in mind but forgive me, it's the best I can do.  I have documented the events on a daily basis by hand (a true diary actually!) but not managed to upload it consistently.  My life as a carer takes priority, my work and career second and raising awareness of ovarian cancer, something I do in my spare time.  

As I said, I've been tardy and missed blog posts from my mum's cancer chenotherapy ddaily diary cycle #4.  In an effort to ctch up, I'm going to wrap days 19 - 23 tof=gether into one blog post,  That's becasue week 3 of any cycle of chemotherapy is generally a !!!!!FREE PASS!!!!!  Yes, it is the week of most energy and generally, the week where those having treatment try to do the most fun stuff they can, whilst also being cautious before the onslaught from the next treatment cycle.  For my mum, rhis is the week where she gets her independance for she is at her peak of fitness and we are safe in the knowledge that pendinggood results from her blood tests, the oncologist has approved the next treatment cycle.
48 hours before the day of chemotherapy cycle #5, my mum will have a blood test at out GP surgery,  My mum is notoriously difficult to getblood from since the chemotherpay is killing cancerous cells, also damages the blood vessels.  We have though, a lovely nurse at our surgery who treats my mum very well and has acquired tricks to ease the process and make it go well.  As  I was chatting to her, she told e that her mother also had ovarian cacner and her doctor at the time (1980's) told her that there were 300 odd strains of ovarian cacner alone during that time.  To this day, I cannot fathom how many cases of ovarian cancer there are, how many people I've since met who tell me either "My mum had....."or "I had....."

So to end my mum's cheotherpay diary for cycle #4, I want to remind you what this is all about  Ovarian cancer happens!!!  It can happen to anyone.

The odds aren't great.  So ask yourself if you haveany of these symptoms.  HAs a freidns noticed any lumps, any chnages, have they said they feel unwell???  Share this information and help to raise awareness of oarian cancer.

Onto the next cycle!



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