A helping hand. CCGG2017 #11

Blogmas on the CancerCarerChats blog is a daily charitable Christmas gift guide with a twist - each post will feature an idea for a charitable act.  Christmas is a time for giving whether it be for someone you know or for a stranger.  Take the time at this time of the year to do a good deed, just one small act can help someone who is less fortunate than you are.  
As a reminder, my mum was diagnosed with Stage IV ovarian cancer in March 2017 when I started this blog to raise awareness of the importance of early detection of ovarian cancer and my life as a carer.  I care for my mum, trying to ease some of the load on her and walk by her side on this journey.  It’s just as hard to watch someone you love go through pain, than to experience it yourself.

My sister lives in a village with just over 5000 people, there is a butcher, a baker (no candle stick maker – but I’m sure there once was) and a single post office.  At the centre of the village is a Co-Op and she is very lucky in that she lives within walking distance to it.  When I visit her, I like to take my nieces and buy all the sweets they could ever want, especially on non - treat day.  I am that Auntie!  Two doors down from her lives an elderly gentleman who had a knee operation a few weeks ago and as he lives alone, it's not really convenient for him to be putting pressure on the knee and carrying shopping home.  So my brother-in-law will do his shopping for him so that he does not need to worry about having food in the house or risking injury and just concentrate on convalescing.  Such a simple task since he is likely to be going there anyway but such a weight to be lifted from his shoulders.  As a carer I know that at times, just helping someone out with a small thing can mean so much more.  As Christmas quickly approaches we know what it will be like at the supermarkets with crowds and finding a place to park.  Imagine what it must feel like if you are elderly or on your own.  Consider offering to do the shopping for an elderly neighbour or someone in your community who feels anxious about entering the supermarkets during this time and volunteer to do their food shop for them.  If you have an elderly person who lives nearby, ask if they have enough food during the Christmas period in the house and whether they need you to pop down to the shops for them.  Check in with them should the days be particularly cold and icy so that they don’t need to risk the trip and face a fall on ice.  This Christmas, offer a helping hand to someone who is at risk or vulnerable if you have the power to do so and offer them the gift of a helping hand.

Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer
T – Toilet habit changes
E – Energy levels dropping
A – Abdominal pain/ swelling
L – Loss of appetite



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