CancerCarerChats Charitable Christmas Gift Guide #CCGG2017 #1.

During cycle #4 of my mum's chemotherapy treatment, I blogged every single day to raise awareness of the effects of ovarian cancer and chemotherapy.  I wanted to shine a light on the fact that cancer does and can happen to anyone and the importance of early detection to improve the chances of recovery.  Blogging every single day was an enjoyable process, so much so that I have decided to embark on blogmas and blog every single day in December.  I enjoy the distraction of writing, the blogging community and finding people who have similarly been affected by cancer whether it be themselves or a loved one.  But instead of blogging a daily diary like I did last time, I want to give something back to all the amazing charities that I've since learnt about through this blog and in fitting with the real nature of Christmas and a twist to the usual Christmas gift guide, post charitable Christmas gift ideas.

Being British born Chinese and having a very traditional Chinese family, I get asked a lot as to whether my family and I celebrate Christmas.  We do, in as much as we like to get together as a family, eat lots of food, share gifts and spend time together.  Which to be honest, I think is how 90% of the population understands the meaning of Christmas to be nowadays.  To me, Christmas is about showing love to others and with this 2017 gift guide, I want to give readers some ideas of how to seamlessly integrate charitable acts within your Christmas and give someone, who will really appreciate it, a lovely gift for Christmas.  

Each post will be an idea for a charitable christmas gift which will be different from the traditional act of donating money which, I know is the most effective way of helping a cause but there will be ideas for those who are trying to save money, which during Christmas time, is completely understandable.  Each one of these ideas is one that I have done myself, does not take much time and is easier than clicking buy in Amazon!

I hope you enjoy this series and I would really love to know if you will or have done any of the charitable christmas gift ideas.  More importantly, don't forget to share and spread the word so that more and more charitable gifts are given and kindness is spread throughout this time of the year.

Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer
T – Toilet habit changes
E – Energy levels dropping
A – Abdominal pain/ swelling

L – Loss of appetiteSymptoms of Ovarian Cancer



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