Donating Christmas presents. CCGG2017 #2

Blogmas on the CancerCarerChats blog is a daily charitable Christmas gift guide with a twist - each post will feature an idea for a charitable act.  Christmas is a time for giving whether it be for someone you know or for a stranger.  Take the time at this time of the year to do a good deed, just one small act can help someone who is less fortunate than you are.  
As a reminder, my mum was diagnosed with Stage IV ovarian cancer in March 2017 when I started this blog to raise awareness of the importance of early detection of ovarian cancer and my life as a carer.  I care for my mum, trying to ease some of the load on her and walk by her side on this journey.  It’s just as hard to watch someone you love go through pain, than to experience it yourself.


Christmas is a bargain hunter's dream!  Especially as the Christmas sales have now hit the shops before the big event.  Certain shops also entice us to spend more money with them, advertising it as convenience by doing 3 for 2 offers.

When I was younger, shop sales only occurred after Christmas.  Now, in an attempt to make us spend even more money, retailers' have bought their sales and offers forward, to before Christmas day.  And as it's the BIG spending holiday of the year, they do it big.  Many shops have great 3 for 2 sales which draw the customer in, offering the opportunity to cross 3 presents off the list at once and getting a great deal to boot!  But you know the dilemma, you browse the shelves and can only find two gifts which are appropriate for the people on your list.  So of course, you end up paying for the two gifts in frustration as you are pushed and shoved through the narrow shop shelves or you end up purchasing the third gift for yourself.  So instead, why not take advantage of the offer and donate the third gift to a charity.  Either a local hospital, shelter, hospice or nursing home.  Offer the gift to someone who is less fortunate and would really appreciate a lovely gift set, spread kindness where it will be appreciated.

Boots do particuarly good 3 for 2 offers at Christmas time.  There is something which is suitable for everyone and you can easily find a generous gift that can be donated to a charity.

Toys 'r us also have 3 for 2 offers and many stores have a bin behind the checkout that allows you to donate the gift straight away without even having to bother taking the gift home or wrapping it.

Marks & Spencer have a great variety of gifts available in their 3 for 2 offers and is a great alternative to offer someone the gift of warm, new clothes during winter.  Whilst shopping at M&S, you can also contribute to the Oxfam Schwopping campaign.  Place a garment in one of the Schwop boxes at your local store and these items are resold, reused or recycled and allow Oxfam to fund all sorts of vital projects around the world.  Since 2008, the M&S and Oxfam Shwopping partnership has collected over 20 million items, worth an estimated £16 million for Oxfam’s work.  That's 2 charitable acts in 1 mixed with the 3 for 2 offer!

Many retailers do 3 for 2 offers during Christmas, not just those listed above.  By being mindful, when taking advantage of offers, you can easily donate a gift to someone that would truly appreciate the gesture during Christmas time.

Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer
T – Toilet habit changes
E – Energy levels dropping
A – Abdominal pain/ swelling
L – Loss of appetite



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