The 'true' meaning of Christmas. CCGG #15

Blogmas on the CancerCarerChats blog is a daily charitable Christmas gift guide with a twist - each post will feature an idea for a charitable act.  Christmas is a time for giving whether it be for someone you know or for a stranger.  Take the time at this time of the year to do a good deed, just one small act can help someone who is less fortunate than you are.  
As a reminder, my mum was diagnosed with Stage IV ovarian cancer in March 2017 when I started this blog to raise awareness of the importance of early detection of ovarian cancer and my life as a carer.  I care for my mum, trying to ease some of the load on her and walk by her side on this journey.  It’s just as hard to watch someone you love go through pain, than to experience it yourself.

Most families have traditions when it comes to Christmas presents.  We all have that aunt who likes to buy us chocolates every year, or the brother who always leaves the gift buying to the very last minute and you end up with the most random or non-relevant Christmas present.  We are creatures of behaviour and like to stick to what we know.  Every year, my sister asks me what I would like for Christmas and I always struggle to come up with something that I would like her to buy for me.  This is because I’m a grown up and like most of us, are already capable of buying those things we really need by ourselves.  We do not feel the need to wait until the excitement of Christmas day to unravel something that we know we already want and need.  That’s why, this Christmas, I’m going to ask for donations to causes that I believe in as opposed to materialistic objects.  I’m going to encourage people to donate to worthy causes and charities to not only use their money where it will really add some value but to also encourage the act of giving in the hope that they will continue to give, on other occasions.  I really believe that the action of giving to charities in the form of either donations or time is behaviour that is learnt and once learnt is an action that is continually reinforced throughout our life and in a way, passed on from generations to generations. 

There are many causes out there, big and small charities that are seeking donations.  All of them are continually finding easier and easier ways for us to donate, removing the barriers to do so.  That’s why, this Christmas, I would encourage you to send a message out to your family and friends and ask that they make a donation or pledge this year to a chosen charity as opposed to buying a Christmas gift.  It’s a novel way to add to the festive atmosphere at Christmas and may even encourage your family members to think about what causes they believe in, how they are helping those who are less fortunate and to really encourage them to think about the true meaning of Christmas.

I'd be interested to know what causes you support, let me know on Twitter @CancerCarerChat

Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer

T – Toilet habit changes
E – Energy levels dropping
A – Abdominal pain/ swelling
L – Loss of appetite



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